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SIM: infusion therapies management system
Managing multiple infusion pumps on the ward is a truly demanding task. Accuracy and efficiency have to be maintained throughout the process to ensure optimum patient medication safety.
Besides that, bedside tracking of drugs, as well as infusion logs for each patient, is very time consuming.

SIM is a centralized fluid management system that enables quick access to information from numerous beds. It can considerably simplify the department's everyday workflow.

Introducing the Smart Infusion Manager

Infusion details
SIM is a software solution that collects and records information from the pumps on the ward, displaying it on either a computer or a touch screen.

SIM features three core functions:


SIM provides fast access to all pumps, automatically collecting information with regular updates every 5 seconds.

The information collected numbers:
  • drug names, dose rates, dilution, pressure, infusion rates and boluses;
  • all events and alarms on occlusions, air in-line, near end of infusion and end of infusion and incorrect loading;
  • drug prescribing data from the local approved source (e.g. BNF in UK);
  • online pump user manuals for quick reference.

Detailed Information for every pump


Daily Fluid Balance Calculation
SIM features an input and output fluid management system that:

  • automatically collects infusion data from the pumps;
  • envisages the option of viewing the graphical trend of infusion pressure for the supported pumps;
  • automatically calculates a patient's fluid balance;
  • displays fluid information in easy-to-read hourly and daily onscreen tables and charts.


Digital Clinical Forms
SIM provides a suite of valuable tools to:
  • create individual patient records featuring information on admission, diagnosis, procedures and other clinical and administrative data;
  • view ICD-9 (international classification of diseases) codes using the solution’s ‘Codefinder’ feature to define patients medical conditions.

This solution can bring combined advantages to the ward in a cost effective way.

SIM is easy to implement and makes viewing important data reports, such as patient profiles and fluid balances, simple.

Moreover, as SIM does not require bedside computers and is designed to view all relevant information and run print outs on one workstation, the entire ward will benefit from enhanced reliability and effortless maintenance.

Ensuring patient safety

Drug Dosage Calculation
SIM features the fluid management tools and data required to ensure that patients receive the correct treatment.

The software tracks the patient’s clinical history while limiting access to authorised personnel.

It also captures information on pumps, fluids and treatment, while monitoring drug usage, costs and statistical reports.

Securing clinical insights
SIM captures patient data information including diagnosis (ICD-9 coding), pumps, fluids and treatments, while tracking drug usage and expenditures with statistical reports.

This minimises potential error in IV therapy and provides important insights into drug efficacy and expenditure to enhance medical care.

The perfect combination
SIM integrates with an Alaris® Gateway Workstation at every bed to provide centralised access to infusion information (fluid management) across the ward.


SIM licence

Covers one ward with an unlimited number of beds (connection to Alaris® Gateway Workstation per bed is mandatory).

SIM 1.2 supports the following CARDINAL HEALTH ALARIS pumps:

• Alaris® CC
• Alaris® CC with Guardrails
• Alaris® GH
• Alaris® GH with Guardrails
• Alaris® GS
• Alaris® TIVA
• Alaris® GW
• Alaris® CC
• Alaris® CC with Guardrails
• Alaris® GH
• Alaris® GH with Guardrails
• Alaris® GS
• Alaris® TIVA
• Alaris® GP
• Alaris® GW
• Alaris® GE
• Alaris® PK

SIM 1.2 is tested and approved for use with both AGW release 1.1.2 Build 18 and AGW release 1.1.3 Build 10.

System requirements

Multilingual software

Information about language versions available on request.
Specifications are subject to change. Please contact UMS for the latest specifications, supported devices, requirements and recommended hardware.
More information and presentation available on request.

SIM includes the following DIGISTAT ® modules
  • Central Station
    It provides a clear and informative birds’ eye view of all patients on the ward.
  • Codefinder
    It is the most flexible solution to search through large code-sets: ICD-9, ICD-10, ICPM, etc. It can be easily expanded to manage your own codes.
  • Device Link
    This software is used to acquire data from medical devices that are equipped with the serial interface RS-232. Device Link takes care of the entire communications protocol, handling queries, synchronization, error detection and error recovery.
  • Fluid Balance
    An easy, useful tool for the management and automatic calculation of the patient’s fluid input and output.
  • Forms
    The Clinical Forms module provides fully customizable forms to offer easy and efficient ways of entering, viewing, querying and printing patient data. It can also be a powerful, flexible and user-friendly software to create and manage your own customized Patient Records.
  • Infusion
    Online data acquisition from syringe and volumetric infusion pumps.
    DIGISTAT® infusion module transforms infusion pumps into a computerized fluid therapy system.
  • On Line
    The On Line module manages the large amount of incoming data from medical devices connected to the patient (monitor, ventilator, BGA, etc.).
  • Print Engine
    Print Engine prints hospital records and various document types. Reports can be freely configured to meet all hospital staff requirements.

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The Smart Infusion Manager (SIM) was created for

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