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A solution expressly developed for the Obstetrics Department

Image Bank - Obstetrics Department
This software suite is designed to meet the Obstetrics Department's specific demands. This solution was conceived, engineered and developed with the essential contribution of professional obstetricians who brought in their “field” knowledge to enable UMS to design a product that effectively helps department staff. 

Clinical Forms - Obstetrics


A special configuration of the Clinical Forms module was created for these departments.

A powerful plug-in was added to display and print a detailed partogram.


This solution offers a set of tools that manage the department's workflow from all perspectives to automate most processes and to effectively meet all documentation-related demands.
From patient admission to the retrieval of medical codes, from the creation of patient records to the acquisition and storage of photos and videos, this DIGISTAT® solution provides tools that ease the workload of medical staff in many ways.

The Obstetric Department Solution comprises the following modules: 

Image Bank
Image Bank is the solution for image and video acquisition with any standard video source.

Clinical Forms
The Clinical Forms module provides widely customizable forms to offer efficient ways of entering, viewing, querying and printing patient data.

Codefinder is a flexible solution to search through large code-sets: ICD-9, ICD-10, ICPM etc. It can be easily expanded to manage your own codes

Patient Explorer
Patient Explorer module enables customized management of a facility's patient database.

Print Engine
Print Engine prints hospital records and various documents types. Reports can be configured to meet the hospital staff requirements.


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