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Full access to real time information to automate the care processes and improve outcomes.

Electronic Prescription - Selection Window
The DIGISTAT® Intensive Care Solution is designed to automate the patient care process across the hospital's complex intensive care units.

It has been engineered and developed both for the clinician and the nurse, who will find specific tools designed to meet his/her requirements. DIGISTAT® Intensive Care Solution helps clinicians and nurses improve patient safety and streamline care processes. Clinicians access real time information to automate patient care processes and improve outcomes.

On-Line Data Acquisition and Display
This suite of modules offers Intensive Care Units a comprehensive set of solutions, advanced technologies and outcome-management tools designed to improve staff productivity, control costs and help deliver a better patient outcome.
 Medical Records Automation
The DIGISTAT® Intensive Care Solution automates the Intensive Care Unit's patient medical records, thus enabling nurses and physicians to better manage the complex and diverse data generated in the demanding critical care process.

The automated capture of the patient's vital signs, physiological data and documentation based on standard care protocols (key assessments, treatments, scores, documentation requirements, labs and medications) reduces charting time, while improving record accuracy, legibility and availability. 

The clinical staff can this way dedicate concentrate more on the patient's needs.

Clinical Diary
Clinical error reduction
The clinical error possibility is also reduced by the automatic scores and fluid balance calculation. Transcription errors can be reduced by the digital documentation.
This DIGISTAT® solution is aimed at the specific needs of the Intensive Care clinicians and nurses.
  • Full digital integrated patient documentation;
  • Electronic staff schedule management;
  • Department statistics and production indexes;
  • Electronic medical prescription, preparation and administration management;
  • Patient allergies management;
  • On line parameters acquisition from the devices connected to the patient;
  • Electronic clinical diary, scores calculation.

Daily Fluid Balance Calculation
Implementation flexibility

DIGISTAT® Intensive Care is a modular solution that can be implemented progressively, according to the specific department needs and times.    

The Intensive Care Solution includes the following modules:
  • Central Station
    It provides a birds’ eye view of all patients on the ward.
  • Clinical Diary 
    Clinical Diary is the electronic pencil designed to enter the information that is not covered elsewhere. Suitable for nursing notes, consultation reports, examination reports etc…
  • Clinical Forms 
    The Clinical Forms module provides widely customizable forms offering efficient ways to enter, view, query and print patient data. It can also be a flexible software to create and manage your own customized patient records.
  • Codefinder 
    It is a flexible solution to search through large code-sets: ICD-9, ICD-10, ICPM etc. It can be expanded to manage your own codes.
  • Device Link 
    This software is used to acquire data from medical devices that are equipped with the serial interface RS-232. Device Link takes care of the entire communication protocol, handling queries, synchronization, error detection and error recovery.
  • Electronic Prescription
    A useful tool for physicians to plan patient treatments (drugs, infusions, laboratory tests, diagnostic assessments, consultations, …).
  • Fluid Balance 
    A tool for the management and automatic calculation of the patient’s fluid input and output.
  • Image Bank
    The solution for image and video acquisition with any standard video source.
  • Infusion 
    On-line data acquisition from syringe and volumetric infusion pumps.
    DIGISTAT® infusion module integrates infusion pumps into a computerized fluid therapy system.
  • Nutrition 
    The Nutrition calculator module manages parenteral and enteral nutrition. It creates a nutrition therapy that enables ongoing monitoring of all main values (enteral, parenteral and total).
  • On Line 
    The On Line module collects and displays the different parameters coming from the medical devices connected to the patient.
  • Patient Explorer 
    The Patient Explorer module enables customized management of one or more facilities' patient database.
  • Report Master 
    Report Master makes it possible to create prints of hospital records and various document types. Reports can be configured to meet the hospital staff requirements.
  • Scoring Calculator 
    It performs all scoring calculations in a snapshot, importing data both from the DIGISTAT® database and from network accessible, remote databases.
  • Therapy Administration 
    Nurses can use this module to document the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic activities. Whenever a nurse carries out an order, the doctor is notified and the event is automatically inserted in the patient’s clinical folder.  

 Please check also , in our products area: 

  • DIGISTAT® Dashboard
    Dashboard is a tool for data navigation, analysis and reporting. It performs complex calculations on databases and provides straightforward result representation on dashboards.
    Dashboard is a flexible statistical monitoring system that can be of great assistance in evaluating Intensive Care Unit performances in terms of quality, cost and effectiveness.
  • DIGISTAT® SIM (Smart Infusion Manager)
    SIM is a centralised fluid management system that enables quick access to information from numerous beds. It can simplify the department's everyday workflow.
  • HISA
    HISA (Hospital Infections Surveillance Assistant) is a tool to effectively fight nosocomial infections.

Intensive Care is a solution developed for 

Intensive care nurses

Intensive care physicians

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