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The comprehensive Digistat® solution for the Surgery Ward's demands.

OranJ - Room Monitoring
Operating Theatre is the comprehensive DIGISTAT® solution for the Surgery Ward personnel's demands.
It was created to ease the demanding workload of those involved in surgical procedures. 

From appointment scheduling to operating room planning, from quick documentation to surgery monitoring,

Stock Management - Refill Resources

from stockroom management to the optimal use of resources, Operating Theatre brings significant benefits to all aspects of life in the Surgery Ward.
The installation of this software suite can cut down expenditure and improve performance, services, efficiency and results. 

This solution was created for

Operation List
Operating Theatre comprises three main DIGISTAT® Systems:
The integrated use of Smart Scheduler and OranJ enables the hospital structure to drive the patient along the whole operating process, from the first visit to the discharge.
The two systems enable accurate monitoring, management and documenting of the main aspects of surgery process.

Operation Scheduling
DIGISTAT® Stock Management is the complement for this solution, being an instrument for the management of operating room resources, materials and drugs.
Stock Management helps keeping the stockroom supplies and their expiry dates under control. It also makes stockroom management a more reliable and easier task.
The Operating Theatre Solution is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. It can be adapted to meet the department's specific demands.

It is a modular solution, which means that each department can implement it with a cost-effective phased approach.
Other related Modules
This solution can be integrated by other DIGISTAT® modules, that are:
  • Barcode 
    This module implements barcode scanning functions wherever they may be required.
  • Clinical Forms 
    The Clinical Forms module provides widely customizable forms offering efficient ways to enter, view, query and print patient data. It can also be a flexible software to create and manage your own customized patient records.
  • Codefinder
    It is a flexible solution to search through large code-sets: ICD-9, ICD-10, ICPM etc. It can be expanded to manage your own codes.
  • Device Link 
    This software is used to acquire data from medical devices that are equipped with the serial interface RS-232. Device Link takes care of the entire communication protocol, handling queries, synchronization, error detection and error recovery.
  • Fluid Balance 
    a tool for the management and automatic calculation of the patient’s fluid input and output.
  • Image Bank 
    The solution for image and video acquisition with any standard video source.
  • On Line
    On line module manages the large amount of incoming data from the medical devices connected to the patient (monitor, ventilator, BGA etc.).
  • Patient Explorer
    The Patient Explorer module enables customized management of one or more facilities' patient database.
  • Print Engine
    Print Engine prints of hospital records and various document types. Reports can be configured to meet the hospital staff requirements.
  • Statistical Dashboard 
    It is a powerful data navigation, analysis and reporting tool; it performs complex calculations on databases and provides straightforward result representation on dashboards. It is a flexible statistical monitoring system that can be of great help in evaluating performance in terms of quality, cost and effectiveness. 

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