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Optimizing expenditure and resources

Resources Scheduling

This UMS solution allows the hospital Management to effectively monitor the use of the Surgery Ward facilities, schedule their activities and focus on optimizing expenditures and resources.

The solution converges the Smart Scheduler System's managing capabilities and  Statistical Dashboard's power of analysis.

Its potential yearly impact on the finances of healthcare facilities, in terms of savings, can be very meaningful.

Statistical Dashboard

Smart Scheduler: an effective resource management system

The Smart Scheduler System effectively manages patient flow by scheduling of visits, appointments and resources.

All scheduling phases can be specified in detail to capture all appropriate patient information.

Organization can seamlessly schedule hospital services and resources, thus contributing towards overall service quality and customer satisfaction.

An effective resource management reduces calling and waiting times.

Please click for a detailed presentation of Smart Scheduler.

Statistical dashboard: a powerful data navigation, analysis and reporting tool.

Statistical Dashboard - Data Analysis

Statistical Dashboard is a tool that is designed to create charts and statistics on a medical facility's trend (hospitals, hospital departments, operating rooms) starting from any organized database.

It performs complex calculations on databases and provides straightforward result representation on dashboards.
It can be “attached” to any existing patient database to analyze and extract important information.

Dashboard is a flexible statistical monitoring system

These two products are combined to form solution that makes the healthcare facility managers duty more effective and goal-oriented.

Please click here for a detailed presentation of Statistical Dashboard .

This solution comprises also the UMS Print Engine module, to print hospital records and various custmized document types.

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