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A flexible solution to search through large code-sets, DIGISTAT® Codefinder is a general purpose tool to manage code-sets.

Codefinder - ICD9 codes

You can quickly find the right code by either entering a few letters of the description or by using a hierarchical, tree-like, view.

You can either define you own subset of codes (your "preferred" list) or search into the sub-list of the most frequently used codes.

Codefinder is a flexible solution to search through large code-sets: ICD-9, ICD-10, ICPM etc. It can be expanded to manage your own codes.

The module is an autonomous database module that collects code-sets, such as Doctor Directories and ICD9-CM codes.
This application software, which can both store and retrieve specific encoded data, is based on a single, industry standard database in which the user can either create new data sets or maintain existing sets.

The DIGISTAT® Codefinder module can be used either exclusively by the system user or as a general purpose search tool that is invisible to other software within the system.

DIGISTAT® Codefinder does away with the typing of commonly used data. It speeds up manual data entries and reduces typing errors. Data is entered only once and can be retrieved from the field to be filled.

For instance, the DIGISTAT® Codefinder module can be called from a Clinical Forms module field by pressing the SpeedButton beside the field. The DIGISTAT® Codefinder module pops up, already opened on the appropriate list (or code-set), offering various tools to help you find the right information.
The picture below shows a simple search with one keyword.

Search by Keyword

The keyword can appear everywhere either into the description field, or in Alias fields. The next picture shows another code-set displayed in the "tree-form". 

Hierarchical view
  • code-set independence
    DIGISTAT® Codefinder is a general purpose code searching utility that can be used with virtually any type of encoding set. It provides support for both flat and hierarchical data sets. Based on Microsoft Jet Engine Databases, it is easily expandable: the user can either create new data sets or maintain the existing ones using Microsoft Access.
  • Multiple keywords, internal search
    The simplest way of searching for a code is to type a few letters of the description; DIGISTAT® Codefinder retrieves all codes that contain those letters, in any order, and displays them either in the Description field or in the Alias fields.
  • Hierarchical View
    A tree-view (or systematic, hierarchical view) is included to display codes ordered in groups, sub-groups, etc.
  • Search Alias Fields
    DIGISTAT® Codefinder can search additional fields for alternate names, and retrieve the main code and its description. 

 Compatible with the most common Windows® applications

By using the clipboard to store the selected code, DIGISTAT® Codefinder is compatible with the most commonly used Windows® application (Word, Excel etc...). Just press Ctrl-V or choose Paste from the Edit menu of your application, and the selected code will be inserted in your document.

ICD9 Procedures

Easily expandable to manage your own codes
You can use DIGISTAT® Codefinder with your own code-set, and decide to enable or disable the various searching modes. You can also define a hierarchical structure in your code-set.

Five ways of browsing the codes
  • 1. Use the keyword search on the whole database.
  • 2. Browse the hierarchical view.
  • 3. Look into your own sub-list of preferred code.
  • 4. Search the list of frequently used codes.
  • 5. Check the list of recently used codes.

Double-click on the selected code and press Ctrl-V on your application. You will get the code directly in Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.  

Codefinder can be an effective, powerful tool within any DIGISTAT® configuration.

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