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DIGISTAT® Therapy modules make prescribing and documenting the patient’s treatment plan a more effective task.

Electronic Prescription

Central Station

The system comprises three modules: Electronic Prescription, Therapy Administration and Central Station

Therapy Administration
While nurses use Therapy Administration to document the performance of the diagnostic and therapeutic activities, doctors use Electronic Prescription to plan the patient’s treatment (drugs, infusions, laboratory tests, diagnostic assessments, consultations).

Central Station module provides a condensed list of the active orders for the patients in the ICU; it is therefore the ideal complement for the other two modules.

Electronic Prescription module
A rich and intuitive user interface makes it possible to draft therapies in minutes

Doctors can prescribe and overview therapies. Later, the prescriptions are automatically transformed in a detailed time-table, i.e. a list of single orders for nurses.

key benefits

  • Adjust vs. re-do
    You merely adjust the previous therapy on daily basis rather than restart from a blank prescription form.
  • Use defaults
    All prescription items have their own default values (quantity, concentration, speed, amount, duration, etc., that are automatically associated with the patient's weight). Avoid mistakes, avoid calculation errors and save time by using the (user-defined) default values. In most cases a prescription is drafted by merely selecting the item in the list and confirming the proposed values. Adjustments are implemented with a click of the mouse.
  • Increase quality of care and save time
    Prescribe, monitor and record precise treatment in less than ever before.

key benefits

  • Fully User-Configurable
    • 55 parameters are used to define each prescription with any detail:
      amount, speed, concentration, dose, duration and measurement units,
      scheduling preferences,
      prescription notes,
    • Define your classification of items according to action class, related organ and special filters.
    • Define therapy cycles from 12 to 48 hours.
    • Customize shifts and time tables.
  • Beyond Data Safety: Fault Tolerance
    • Automated reports are generated on order to provide redundancy and fault tolerance.
    • A printed copy of both the patient management plan and administered treatment is steadily  updated. The department can switch from DIGISTAT®'s totally automated therapy system to the manual, hardcopy system at any time.
    • The system can implement all the hardware and software safety features, with redundancy processes, including automated data backup, disk mirroring and even Microsoft™ Wolfpack Server Clustering.
  • Data Security
    • User Management: each user is assigned a detailed authorisation profile that only grants access to the selected function.
    • A Permission Controller constantly monitors the user.
    • A Log Book keeps record of all activity, down to the single keystroke.
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Electronic Prescription was created to ease the workload of Intensive Care Physicians.


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