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The solution for stockroom and pharmacy management.

Stock Monitoring
DIGISTAT® Stock Management system is a powerful tool for stockroom and pharmacy management.
It has been engineered and developed to cover all requirements related to this complex task.

Stock Management helps to keep all supplies and expiry dates under control. It also makes stockroom management a more secure and easier task.

The system calculates regularities, builds stats and estimates the hospital's future needs.

Automatic attribution of materials and cost

Refill Resources
Stock Management automatically associates the correct materials and related costs to the right patient. Billing procedures and expenditure calculations thus become fast and secure. Moreover, the correct use of Stock Management enhances the procedures that guarantee the availability of the materials necessary to either a therapy or an operation.

Key Functions

Refill Trolley
The system's intended users are pharmacists and nurses.
Pharmacists can rely on the refill functions (for trolleys and cabinets), the real time stock monitoring functions, the daily material planning functions, and the under-stock and expiry date management functions.
Nurses can use specific tools for picking of planned and unplanned materials. All the related procedures are characterized by enhanced safety.

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Stock Management is complement of the OranJ - Smart Scheduler system and forms with it a comprehensive  solution for the Operating Theatre.

This product was created for

Pharmacists/material managers
Theatre nurses

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