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A flexible tool for high quality prints of hospital records

Print Report - Italy

Print Engine is a DIGISTAT® module to print hospital records and various document types.
Department reports can be widely configured. The contents and structure of every page can be chosen to meet the hospital staff requirements.

Configurability is implemented through XML models and the related XML Schema definitions.

Print Report - France

Print Engine's main fields of application are:

  • printed hospital reports;
  • printed patient case history reports;
  • daily patient reports;
  • fluid balances and administration reports;
  • hospital operating room activity planning;
  • statistics, charts, graphs and the sorting of hospitalization data.

Print Report - Tables


Besides appropriate training, medical staff can access a detailed documentation describing all steps required to configure Print Engine to independently manage their reports.

Print Engine is the ideal print manager for every UMS product; it can be integrated with any existing solution.


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