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On-line data acquisition module
The DIGISTAT® On Line module manages the large amount of incoming data from the medical devices connected to the patient (monitor, ventilator, BGA etc.) and from the laboratory.

Virtually any medical device equipped with an rs-232 serial interface and a published communication protocol can be connected to DIGISTAT® On Line and have its data read into the patient record.


Charts can also be used to present information collected by using modules other than On Line.

The physician can configure several display windows and import charts and tables into each of them.
On Line simplifies and optimises clinical data collecting, summarising, and recording procedures.

On Line makes interoperability of clinical information and integration of medical devices a reality, and does it cost-effectively even when disparate protocols are involved. The information managed by the On Line module can be viewed as either tables or charts.

Parameters Input
Parameters can be either manually entered or automatically acquired by the system. Automatic acquisition is reserved for parameters generated by interfaceable medical equipment (ventilators, monitors, laboratory instruments), or by a central laboratory.

Parameter Selection Window
Printing Documents

Print Reports
Parameters are printed by using user-defined models. Print formats are configured by means of a specific user interface to facilitate the system administrator's work.

Reports can also contain information derived from other modules (Diary, Therapy, …): this makes it possible to obtain a complete printout of the patient's clinical record.

DIGISTAT® On Line module is the answer to integration challenges hospitals face in information-packed critical care departments.
key features
  • Collects high speed, raw, continuous data (data-rate = 1 minute typical) for high resolution charts.
  • Collects validated, artifact-free data when requested by the user for tabular display and statistical analysis.
  • Validated data is user-certified data derived from the continuous data stream by just pushing a button.
  • Collects sporadic data from laboratory equipment (BGA, etc.) with automatic patient assignment.
  • Allows manual data entry of any off-line parameter.
  • Widely user configurable.
key benefits
  • Produces automatic reports of parameters and laboratory data.
  • Considerably reduces the patient record drafting workload.
  • No transcription errors in the contexts managed by On Line.
  • Artifact rejection with user-validation of data.
  • Comprehensive data reporting.
  • Virtually any Medical Device equipped with an RS-232 serial interface and a published communication protocol can be connected to DIGISTAT® On Line and have its data read into the patient record.
  • The most common devices are ready to be connected and new drivers are developed on request.
Related Products
On Line module goes together with DIGISTAT® Device Link module. Where Device Link is the “hidden part” of data acquisition, On Line is the interface where all acquired data is displayed.

On Line is part of both the Surgery Ward Solution and the Intensive Care Solution

On Line is a module that interests:

Intensive care nurses

Intensive care physicians


Theatre Nurses


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