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A tool that creates customized Patient Records

The Clinical Forms module provides widely customizable forms to offer efficient ways of entering, viewing, querying and printing patient data.

Fully Customizable Patient Records


German Diagnosis Form

Clinical Forms module can also be a flexible software to create and manage your own customized Patient Records.

Develop your own Patient Data Management System for Patient Record Keeping, Quality Assurance, Administrative Management, etc. in minutes

The Patient record you create is stored into a multi-layered, tree-structured relational database.

A visual development system for patient data management

key benefits

  • Handle large and complex databases.
  • Handle multiple admissions per patient, multiple surgery per admission etc.
  • Speedly retrieve a patient record searching the content of any field.
  • Export data in several formats for Microsoft© Excel, Word, etc.
  • Print documents using Microsoft© Word and Mail Merge; manage document templates and patient documents.
  • Provide an integrated macro language interpreter, compatible with Microsoft© VBScript (subset of visual basic) to implement a field-level and page-level data-validation process.
  • Provide choice-lists with an integrated list editor.
  • Provide DIGISTAT® Codefinder for searching large databases of codes (e.g. ICD/9, ICD/10 or similar codes for diagnoses or procedures). It includes "Quadra" Eingriffe and "Quadra" Diagnose and it is easily expandable
  • Provide a graphical configuration utility to configure the database and the screens
  • Use the special navigation to speedily navigate through all patient record pages
  • Clinical Forms is fully integrated with the other DIGISTAT® modules.

          French Anesthesia Form

key benefits

  • The Clinical Forms module:
    • exports data in several formats to Microsoft© Excel, Microsoft Word, etc;
    • prints customizable reports using Microsoft© Word and mail-merge;
    • manages document templates and patient documents. 
  • Multiple data types are supported:
    • text fields (1 to 250 chars),
    • memo fields (up to 64k chars),
    • boolean fields (yes/no),
    • date/time fields,
    • numeric fields (double precision floating point).
  • Customizable lists and various tools (calendar, clock, link to external database, macros use) can be associated to the fields for faster and easier data entry.
  • Clinical Forms module is capable to handle multiple admissions per patient, multiple operations per admission, etc.
  • High Performance Relational Databases:
    • Uses Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000
    • High-performance data retrieval: searches 5000 patients over 50.000 records and 5.000.000 fields in 1 second!
  • Database Conversion Service 
    Upon request, a Database Conversion Service is provided to help you to transfer all your existing data to Clinical Forms
  • Form Wizard
    A Form Wizard automatically creates a form for entering/displaying data of a new table, placing on the screen all the fields you have defined in the table.
German Pace-Maker Form

Additional System Requirements

Disk space usage depends on the configuration. For instance, an average database with 1000 patients, 1000 fields per patient and 40 bytes per field will use 40 MB.

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Clinical Forms is a module created for:

Intensive care nurses

Intensive care physicians


Theatre nurses

Outpatients\' department staff

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