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A tool that automatically calculates the patient’s fluid balance.

Daily Balance

Fluid Balance Items

DIGISTAT® Fluid Balance is a module that gives the patient’s precise fluid balance by recording daily fluid input and output.
The balance is calculated for each patient, by recording input and output data throughout the day.

Edit Mode

The system produces daily automatic report, reducing personnel’s workload by drafting patient records. Overall data reporting is immediately available for medical staff.

An intuitive user interface makes this module very easy to use.key features


  • Fluid input: electrolytic solutions, parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition, other infusions, blood and its products, etc.
  • Fluid outputs: diuresis, drainages, blood loss, perspiration, etc.
  • Automatic Calculation of total input, total output and fluid balance,
  • Automatic Calculation of total input, total output and balance of blood and derived products
  • User-defined daily target
  • Calculates cumulative totals in 24 hours
  • Prints reports with charts and grids
  • Input and Output items are fully user configurable
  • Charts are fully customizable
  • Allows numbering and labeling of each input and output item (drainages).

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Fluid balance is part of the DIGISTAT® suite . It can acquire data from infusion pumps and fluid therapies. The Infusion module, for instance, automatically sends all administered volume values to Fluid Balance. The physician has only to enter non automatically interfaced input and output fluids to obtain partial and total fluid balances.

Fluid balance is part of the Intensive Care solution and part of the Smart infusion Manager (SIM).

Print reports are provided by the Print Engine module, that prints hospital records and various document types.

DIGISTAT® Fluid Balance was especially developed to ease the workload of Intensive Care Nurses.

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